Winter Car Wash From Inside Your Garage

Washing your auto in snow, cold and freezing weather could never be easier!

Winter Car Wash

Snow Car Wash

Rejuvenate Auto — the ideal winter car wash and wax.
The best way to continue hand washing your car in winter is with Rejuvenate Auto.

Since Rejuvenate Auto’s formula is waterless, you can wash and wax you car right inside your garage. It may not be warm, but it’s better than being out in the ice cold.

By caring for your car’s finish when exposed to winter muck, blizzards, inclement weather and road salt, you’ll be doing your vehicle and it’s resale value a big favor. Plus your doors will never freeze shut as it can with regular car washing with a hose.

To protect your car in winter, it’s important to wash and wax your car often. Rejuvenate Auto will keep rust from getting a foothold on your car’s finish. Since salt, dirt, snow and other winter debris can wear away at your car’s enamel and paint, leading to rust.

You don’t need a garage with a drain and plumbing to wash your car inside your garage. So remember, in the freezing weather, to clean your car, all you need is a bottle of Rejuvenate Auto and a Microfiber cloth. In 15 minutes you can spray-n-wipe your way to that coveted showroom shine.

Automatic car washes and car wash spray hoses literally sandblast your finish, leaving scratches and swirl-marks. Rejuvenate Auto is a safe alternative, since cleaning agents, polymers and Carnauba wax work together to clean, protect and shine your car’s finish without scratching.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate winter car wash solution, order Rejuvenate Auto and wash your car inside your garage.